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French Doors for Elegance & Style by: Chris Coxon

French doors are a truly unique way to link the interior with the exterior of your home and make it look bigger and brighter. Particularly eye-catching they can be added to a room leading out onto the back garden thus giving the family more space, or to a conservatory allowing sunlight to flood in and the warm breeze to flow through the house.

Attractive styles can be found to fit in with all types of homes, whether you live in a period property, a modern new home, or a countryside cottage, they add a classic touch to a house and make it stand out from others similar in style. You can get matching windows and other exterior doors to complete the look of your home.

Patio doors mean you can still admire the views of the garden even when the weather isn't good, or in the warmer months open them wide and use the patio as an extra room. Your doors need to combine security, ease of use, allow maximum light into the home and enable you to have good views, choose UPVC over other materials as they are reasonably priced and will last for a very long time.

Security is paramount when getting French doors as they are generally placed at the back of the house. UPVC offers solid frames with high security hinges and multi point locking systems. Locking handles are usually fitted as standard and fit restrictor hinges are also available which prevent damage to the doors in case of being blown open by strong winds or thrown open by energetic kids. An external or internal double glazed UPVC French door is supplied and fitted with toughened double glazed, energy saving safety glass which prevents the glass from shattering in the event of an accident.

Patio doors come in two varieties, sliding and hinged. The sliding option give you the best view as they open the space wide as the individual panels slide back and fro on hidden rollers. You can even opt for a combination of sliding and fixed panels. Hinged patio doors work in the same way as standard entry doors and swing inwards or outwards. You can find an extensive range of glazing options from fully panelled, to half-glazed or fully glazed in white, grey, cream, and wood finishes of Golden Oak, Rosewood and Mahogany, and many more.

If you are looking at new doors for your home do some research online before making any major decisions. The outlay, although worth the money, is considerable and as they are going to last you a lifetime you want to have a style that suits your home and you'll enjoy looking at every day. There are heaps of internet companies who can advice you and send out information on interior and exterior front doors, and PVCU windows. Some companies will even customize a door if you have a particular look you want to achieve.

The back garden area is always a particularly vulnerable spot as any intruders are more likely to heads here first as it provides more cover. Traditionally back doors had a reputation for being relatively easy to open, homeowners tend to neglect fitting secure and strong locks and bolts and as they are often at least half-glazed they are an easy way in. Tools and other gardening equipment left lying around also gives them help. UPVC doors are fitted with fully locking systems, as well as being edged with aluminium and toughened glass used in any glazing for safety reasons as well as security, which means they are very difficult to get through.

A UPVC French door is a great option for the back garden, providing a wide and practical access into your home, they give a classic, elegant look and maximum ventilation letting in lots of fresh air and sunshine. Available in a range of sizes, colours and finishes to suit any style of home, they are an affordable option and allow you to relax in privacy and peace.
About The Author

Chris Coxon writes articles for Eurocell, a PVC manufacturer of distinctive and secure French doors. Their range of UPVC French door systems is the perfect complement to their pvcu windows systems, with various colours and finishes to suit any homes.

The author invites you to visit: http://www.eurocell.co.uk

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