Sabtu, 25 Juni 2011

Komplain di Facebook

Harley Quinn Cosplay - menulis di wallnya, tentang sikapnya menghadapi komplain di facebook!

ok. I'm kinda getting tired of the complaints on my profile picture. Although the complaints are sugar coated, which is better than harsh (of course), I still don't think you should be criticizing. There are plenty of pictures of Harley being a little risky. I'm human and I have my own form of creativity. Let me express it :)
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Burton Wildheart just ignore them jealous ppl
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Robert Allen Coons Jr. I think the picks are great :)
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Justin Snook agreed, if they don't like, it's their problem.
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Robert Allen Coons Jr. Right they don't have to look.
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E-Enigma Dean Draven just tell them to go do one and enjoy doing ur own thing :)
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Lester Jenkins You know what you do right? You make a NEW profile picture, kind of like the one you got now, except-- Go full blown topless aswhile flipping the double birdies, then caption to the picture "To all the haters and the pretty ponies you all rode in on"-- Time to bring out the rebel in you and be all like "Fuck Y'all"-- and thats my justified reason for more scantlier clad pics ];D
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Ivar Osorio you're beautiful and a little spice never hurt no one, screw those two faced hypocrites and their critisism
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Jennifer James I think it looks awesome. You look so innocent and innocence brings a lot to a picture and shows who a person is. I give you 2 thumbs up. I'd give you more thumbs but i only have 2 :(
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Jack Pagliacci A villain pushing the boundaries of society? Who ever heard of such a thing! HA!
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Laura Hornack Let 'em talk. They don't even deserve your attention :)
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Harley Quinn Cosplay
If you are all Harley fans, you know there are pictures out there of Harley being a little "showy" yeah sure they're fan art but still. So are my pictures. They're just fan art. I mean look at Elise who cosplays as Harley Quinn (Elise Arche...See More
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Kevin McLaughlin As the great philosipher and poet Ice Cube once said "Do ya thang girl, fuck what they lookin at." Lol.
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Sam Barron I think you do a very good job, as well as you are very attractive I mean I'd give you an 8 or 9 with out a doubt!
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Laura Hornack You don't offend anybody, and if those idiots keep insulting you, report them instantly. They have no right or reason to leave hateful comments on your pictures. This is your profile, and as long as you're okay with it, you shouldn't care about those idiots ♥
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Harley Quinn Cosplay well good news is, is they aren't very mean about it.. I mean they hint that it's "not acceptable" but idk it could be worse I guess
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Laura Hornack Still, if it makes you feel uncomfrotable it's a bad thing...
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Kevin McLaughlin ‎.......and I just realized I spelled philosopher wrong. Sleep deprivation sucks. :(
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Sam Barron Look, Harley's supposed to be flirty, sexy and well the kind of girl that makes men into idiots with out really trying. I believe that as long as you stay true to yourself then that is all that matters and to hell with anyone that thinks diffrent.
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Justin Snook indeed, as long as you enjoy it, don't worry about what they think is not acceptable. they don't have to look at it.
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Yosafat Agus Suryono Can they do that in this 'internet' era?
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