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A guide to vehicle shipping

Written by Miguel Covarrubias Saturday, 19 December 2009 01:30

Miguel Covarrubias is an author for car shipping. He has written various articles on auto transport. For information visit our site car transportThere are many auto shipping companies that can ship your car anywhere in United States.

Why do you need auto transport service?

1. Moving
2. Seasonal Relocation
3. College
4. Business Relocation
5. Military transfers

Factors to consider before choosing a vehicle shipping company:

1. Check whether the particular auto Transport Company is registered with Department of Transportation and have an active DOT or MC number.
2. Find out for how many years has it been in this industry. Contact Better Business Bureau to find out if any complaints have been filed against the company and whether action was taken. Consult past customers or call car sales representatives to get opinion about car shipping company. You can find out about the company online also by reading customer reviews.
3. Find out policy and procedures of the company.
4. Try to get a quotation of transport charges
5. Read the contract carefully before selecting a company.

Services provided by auto transport companies:

Open auto transport is reasonable priced and affordable by many. One negative point is your car will be loaded in an open truck and it will be exposed to sun and rain.

If you’re shipping an exotic or antique car then the best option would be to choose an enclosed service. In an enclosed service, your car will be protected from sun, snow, heat etc. This service may be a bit expensive but worthy.

Door to Door:
In door to door service, car shipping company will pick up and deliver the vehicle to your desired location. This service may be a bit expensive when compared with terminal to terminal service.

Terminal to terminal:
In this service, you have to drop your vehicle to a terminal that is near to your house. Vehicle shipping company will pick up the vehicle from that terminal and drop it to a terminal that is near to the delivery place. This service is cheaper than door to door service.

Points to remember while transporting your car

1. Remove all the removable fittings and other possessions from your car.
2. Note down each and every dent or scratch on the car.
3. Take photographs of the car from all possible angles so that you have evidence in case of any damages.
4. Ensure that tires are filled with air so that you do not have problem when you take delivery after your car reaches its destination. Avoid filling the entire tank with gas as this will needlessly add up to the weight of your car.

Do research the chosen company before signing the final agreement. To avoid disputes in future, get everything in writing. When you have secured a good price and reliable auto Transport Company you feel more comfortable transporting your car.

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