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Driving Radio Controlled Cars

Driving Radio Controlled Cars by Stephen Stillman
in Hobbies (submitted 2009-10-28)

One of the most exciting hobbies are RC (radio controlled) toys. Probably the most poplar RC toy is the RC car. They seem to be more popular because they can be operated in more areas than RC aircraft, or boats. Aircraft requires a designated area with a lot of space and naturally boats require a body of water; whereas, cars can be operated in the yard, on the street (if there is no traffic), in the driveway, or on a specially built track. RC cars are loads of fun, and are relatively inexpensive for their amazing quality. There are some other reasons for choosing the RC car hobby:

1. They can be driven as off road vehicles, street vehicles, or racing vehicles. If you like racing and being competitive they are the ultimate fun machine! Many places that offer tracks to race on have very good racing programs to offer fair and competitive racing. 2. There are no levels to master. You can have just as much fun as a beginner and you can as an expert. 3. There is no repetition to make the hobby boring. Every time you drive an RC car you have a new driving experience. 4. There is a large variety of models to choose. You can find just about anything, so as a hobby you can pick what you like. Many hobbyist have several models. 5. There are different levels of prices and sizes available. 6. They are made of such good quality, they will survive some ruff treatment for many years. If there is some part of the car that gets broke parts suppliers are plentiful. 7. Besides entertaining kids, radio controlled cars have the potential to educate. Kids learn the basics of science and technology from understanding how these cars work. There are a few things to consider when purchasing an RC car:

1. You need to consider what type of driving you are most interested in, and purchase a vehicle that will meet your interests. 2. You will need to consider what kind of power you want to run your vehicle. You can choose an electric powered car, or a fuel (nitro) powered car. Both work very well and both have their own advantages and disadvantages. The electric powered car will need additional equipment such as an extra battery and battery charger. There are different sizes of batteries in regards to price and usage. Batteries are rated in size according to the number of cells, and rated in running time according to mAh (mili-ampere hours). The more cells a battery has the higher the price. The higher the number of mAh, the higher the price because the battery will last longer before needing recharged. In comparison the fuel powered car will need nitro fuel, a safe place to store the fuel, and some periodic adjustments on the carburator to keep the engine running top notch. Both engines, electric or fuel, offer different power ranges. Some electric powered cars can literally pop wheelies, even though the fuel powered cars are considered the most powerful. 3. You will need to consider what kind of tires you want to run on the vehicle. If you are racing or off-roading you may prefer a thick, grippy tire. 4. As you become more skilled and adaptable to the hobby you may want to consider upgrades to your car. Upgrades can make your car handle differently or more powerful. 5. You will need to consider the age of the person that will be operating the car. RC cars are designed for children of all age groups. Toy grade are designed more for kids and cost less. Hobby-grade are more durable and expensive and are designed for more experienced and adult enthusiasts.

The great thing about the hobby of driving RC cars is that it applys to all ages. From children, to teenagers, to adults this is a hobby fit for all.

Have fun with your RC car !!

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