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Modern Educational Toys for Your Children - The LeapFrog Tag Reading System by DL Hoh

Since its introduction in January 2008, the LeapFrog Tag Reading System had once again created news as the most desired modern children's educational toy. The LeapFrog Tag Reading System shall replace the LeapPad, which had sold more than 30 million units worldwide.

According to LeapFrog's Executive Vice President of Product, Innovation and Marketing, Nancy MacIntyre, the Tag Reader System is a next generation learning product designed for new generation of young readers. The following is a news excerpt from the New York Times published on their 29 January 2008:

The Tag, officially called the Tag Reading System, works a lot like the LeapPad. Children can tap a word with it and the stylus reads the word, or its definition, aloud. They can tap on an image to hear a character's voice come alive. Interactive games test their reading comprehension. At its simplest, the Tag can also act as an audio book and simply read a story from beginning to end.

But while the LeapPad system required spiral-bound books to be placed on a clunky, laptop-sized plastic console with a pointing device attached to it, LeapFrog has put all of the Tag's smarts into the inch-and-a-half-thick stylus. It works on books whose pages are imprinted with invisible dots that allow a small infrared camera at the tip of the Tag to recognize words or images on the page. That makes it far more portable and easier to use than the LeapPad, says Jeffrey G. Katz, the chief executive of LeapFrog.

"LeapPad was a phenomenon," said Mr. Katz. "But Tag is a better product."

LeapFrog is a household name to many parents and childhood educator. They were formed in 1995, and had since produced many children's educational toys which had proven as market leader. The educational toys platform developed by them now has more than 100 interactive software titles covering various subjects such as geography, phonics, reading, writing and etc.

The LeapFrog Tag Reading System is an educational toys suitable for children from age 4 to 8. It is easy to use and specially designed to fit the small hands of children. All it takes is for children to tap the story books and all the characters will come to life.

How does this educational toys work? Whenever the children touches the Tag Reader on the pages of specially printed story books, a small camera at the tip of the reader will "read" the pages, producing audio to enables to listen to the book read aloud. When the characters are tapped, for example a bird is being tapped, the bird will start tweeting. The Tag reader is an engaging educational toy for the children.

The Tag Reader is developed using a highly sophisticated optical technology that is extremely responsive. This allows the children to move quickly between the pages and from one book to the next book. With the Tag Reader educational toys, children can explore classic books such as Olivia and The Little Mermaid. LeapFrog had also partnered with many publishers to publish more books that can be used with the Tag Reading System. Currently, the Tag Reading Library contains more than 20 books.

Many parents had given positive reviews on the LeapFrog Tag Reading System as an excellent children's educational toys. If you plan to buy only one educational toy for your children this year, make sure that it is the LeapFrog Tag Reading System.

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